National Aggregation of Properties and Services using our Platforms and Manpower

Right Support to any Real Estate Transactional based business in Australia including Real Estate Companies , Builders , Developers , Accountants , Finance Brokers Etc

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What We Offer

Letswork provide you a powerful, focused, cohesive team that you control. We are here to customized your needs. Our flexible engagements and various resources – from sales to IT team – you can scale up your current team and make your budget go further. All Letswork team have the English fluency, cultural empathy and expertise in Real Estate world, not only that, within your time zone!

Why Choose Us

Letswork outsources high quality of man power in the Real Estate business, everything you need in only one place.

  • Have your own experience team
  • Under your budget
  • Delivery results to your company
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Customers needs

Control Everything in a single place

Start working with Letswork that can provide everything you need to generate results, leads, connection.

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Our Technologies

Letswork has a full range of technologies that any real estate business would need

Hashtag Portal

Hashtag Portal is loaded with useful, functional options which allow clients to quickly and easily sell properties. Hashtag Portal is Australia’s leading aggregation group, we are the innovators in strategizing the right properties, thru research, advice and long-term relationships with our builders & development networks. We are not just another portal but a one-stop-shop for all property services and stock across Australia.

  • Data Management
  • Over 100 Projects in Australia
  • High Quality Builders Networking
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Hashtag Hub

Hashtag Hub has all your backend work in only one place. Calendar, Property management, and chat system. All to keep you on track of to do’s and details across your projects. Head to any project and start it. Our unique technology allows you to add anyone on your journey, including clients, lawyers, BDM, and anyone that needs to be involved in the new project.